Customer Feedback:

I always follow up with customers. There have been 5 customers in the past two months that said, that thanks to the system, we saved some trailers from tipping over.... They explained that the drivers will suddenly have problems raising the bed all the way up in the area they have been dumping without problems.

The system will let the bed down when it reaches the 2-1/2 to 3 stages if something is causing it lean more than can safely dump.

After checking to make sure the load was loaded even (side to side), even moving to a different angle (in the area they were dumping). Still it would not go up more than the 2-1/2 to 3 stages. The driver called the shop, the managers said well there must be something wrong. The drivers checked and discovered there was a flat tire in some cases or low enough tire pressure to cause the trailer to lien to much in the area they normally dump without problems. These trailers would have tipped over without the system.

Many units have cab-controlled tailgates and electric tarps. This keeps the driver in the cab and they very rarely get out and check the tires, they are not thinking about this problem. Without this system you are again depending 100% on the drivers to pay attention an prevent a tip over.

One Key point of this system is it makes the decision every time in the second it must to avoid a tip over.... humans cannot do this…!! I get lots of responses supporting how the system has saved a driver from tipping over. I hope you team sees this as a great way to further prevent driver error...!

Driver Responses:

In March we had a booth at the Mid America Truck Show. We had many drivers stop by that have the system and their responses were surprisingly positive.

Several drivers told us they liked it without us asking. When I asked what it was you liked about it?


A driver for Quikrete said he didn't have to guess anymore what was safe.


His co-worker said yell and his goal was to never have the light come on.....said he was getting really good at knowing what was safe enough.


Another guy drove for Clark and said with what they haul he never knows if the big chunks are heavier on one side more than the other until it starts to lean......this system makes him feel backed up in knowing what is too much.. said he didn't worry as much with this and it had lowered the trailer a couple of times about the time he thought it was starting lean too much.


Another said he liked it when he goes on jobs and they want him to dump where it is not level enough this system gives him the back up to show the customer. He said and the best thing was after showing the customer the next day they ordered more loads and requested the trailer with the safety system deliver it because they were going in a bad area and didn't want to take any chances of tipping over.


The fleet manager from Zeeland in Michigan stopped by and he told me that 2 years ago the owner offered to split up $50,000 between 80 drivers at the end of the year if no one tipped over a trailer. The first year no one tipped one over..........the second year…. last year... they tipped over 3......all three drivers had been working for the company over 20 years......!!!  They are testing a couple now.

 I stopped at a new company in Oklahoma and there were 2 drivers standing there when I was explaining what it does to the owner and his son. When I told them it monitors the trailer as it's going  up and will....automatically lower back down if it starts to lean to much.....they turned and looked at each other and we wouldn't have to worry so much with this system......!!!  

Country: United States