After 35 years of running over 150 of my own dump trailers and trucks, I designed the only system in the market that “Automatically Lowers” the body if it starts to lean to an unsafe angle. I had trucks dumping sometimes a total of 1,000 times per-day. That was 1,000 decisions being made for me, it wasn’t in my favor and we turned over a few trailers, even my most experienced drivers eventually turned over a trailer. This system sets limits to where the driver can or cannot unload. If they back in to unload and the warning light is on, they cannot raise the body more than 6” and it automatically lowers the body back down. This process will continue until the driver moves to a more level area.

However, many times we start to dump and its level. Again, many things can happen in the process of raising the body that will cause it to lean and tip over. For example, a flat tire, low tire, soft ground, loaded to one side and the list goes on… This system is the only one that “automatically lowers the body” without the driver having to make the decision. This system takes control before the driver has time to decide…!!

Your driver still does the same job. They drive in, pick the place to unload and if the light is off they did a great job in picking a safe place to raise the body. However, if they missed it by even a little, you’re protecting the driver from making a sometimes-fatal mistake.

Every year there are many construction workers and miner’s injured or killed on the jobs were the dump truck or trailer tipped over onto them. Early this year (2018) I received a call from an attorney in West Virginia regarding a man that had received one day of training on how to dump a dump trailer. On his third day he tipped over a trailer and jumped out of the cab to be smashed and killed. The attorney stated, had they known about this system this man may have still been alive.

This system is unique because the control box mounts to the body where the cargo is… not the axle like other designs. Frankly the axle is the last thing to lean. For example, if the body is loaded heavy to one side and you are setting on a level concrete slab, the trailer is tipping over before the axle reads its leaning.

We set the top speed on the trucks now to keep them from speeding, why, to protect the drivers, driver’s license and keep your D.O.T rating with in the standards. If not, our insurance goes up, you could lose your D.O.T Operating Authority or get canceled by your insurer.

With the Wink Anti Tip System, you get protection with a onetime purchase……. just one time……. this is protection against the “Assurance”, the inevitable. Its not if its going to tip over, but when. You buy insurance every year, year after year it goes up or you must raise your deductible to keep it affordable. So why not make a “one time” purchase to prevent this from happing as much as possible with a Wink Anti Tip Over System.

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JIMMY WINK, the Wink Anti Tip System Designer. Started his first trucking company, WINK TRUCKING, with a contract running 20 end dump trailers 24/7, hauling a material that was very hard to unload.

1990 -2010

During more than 20 years being 100% involved in the Transport Business, Jimmy Wink designed the first half round aluminum end dumps, sold as American Trailer, MAC & Wink Trailers. All while operating his fleet of 150 end dumps for 35 years, getting experience with every kind of dump trailer tipping over. Recognizing that the most common factor was drivers took to long to decide to let the bed down. Things like flat tire, low tire, or loaded to one side happen fast and need a quick decision to let the bed down. Mechanical problems rarely are the reason for a tip.


WINK Anti Tip System, Jimmy Wink spent a lot of time seeking solutions to problems in his fleet. He began designing a system that would give real control to the equipment owner, without depending on the driver to make the decision of when it was level or not. Knowing that the system needed to protect the driver and automatically lower the body if it leans too much while dumping.

In his research he discovered one of the Pioneers companies of sensors, here in the USA, established in 1948. Together they have developed the only system that mounts to the box, not the axle like other systems. This unique system combined with special hydraulic valves, is designed to work with the sensor taking 100% control over the decision as to where it is safe or not safe to raise the body.

From his experience he knows that when you start to unload, often you start out level but during the first three stages there are many factors that can cause the body to lean and then flip over. This system is the only one that “automatically lowers the body” when it starts to lean to an unsafe angle.


With over 8 years of in the field testing this system has quickly became the system of choice. The Wink Anti Tip System is the most dependable and safest system to every be offered.

Protect your drivers, others that may be near, property and your investment with a one-time purchase, avoid the inevitable…!!!


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